Gut Fitness

2020 was a learning curve, for you, as much as us.

We decided that we wouldn’t be able to support a physical product based business from home for much longer, but we weren’t at the point of being able to move in to a premises.

So, we had to follow our hearts and make such a tough decision to let Heavenly go and follow our passion of helping others.

We embarked on new learnings and qualified as a Gut Restoration Nutritional Advisor. 

Shari is also currently studying for a Practitioner Diploma in Nutrition Healing after becoming fascinated around the idea that what we eat and other environmental factors have such a large impact on our overall health.

What she learnt has amazed her in such a short amount of time, that yes, you may actually be able to heal your gut and eat foods you were once sensitive to, albeit in small amounts.

This was a revelation after getting engaged on the 2021 New Year and planning to get married abroad in 2023 – I mean, who wants to have a food reaction on their wedding day and feel pants?

The question then became, what if I could heal my gut?

After much study and research, it appeared that, maybe, just maybe you could possibly be able to heal enough to be able to tolerate small amounts of food you once had to steer clear of.

Through the learnings, Shari decided to use herself as a guinea pig and do some experimentation!

The launch of Gut Fitness will coincide with the closing of Heavenly. We will also be looking for test cases, so if you want to investigate your own gut health and possible heal your gut, pop us a message!

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