Pepperoni Style Slices


Strong flavours of cayenne, paprika, spices and pepper throughout this bean based sausage.

The cayenne gives our version of meat free pepperoni a kick that slowly creeps up on you. Immediately you may think, ‘Oh, where’s the heat’. But wait… It will creep up on you when it hits the back of your throat!


Most suitable as a topping for your pizza delights.

Use in a baguette, on a salad, as an antipasti dish, topping a pizza… The list (and possibilities) are endless!

Cook before eating – fry in a frying pan with oil for around 5 minutes.


With this being based on beans and gluten free flour, the product is virtually fat free. Please use oil when cooking.


Price per 150 grams of slices.


May contain celery.
May contain nuts.


Palm Oil Free.

Refined Sugar Free.




Shelf life – can be frozen for up to 6 months. Once defrosted use within 7 days.


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